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How to make your bond stronger with your partner ?

First of all congratulation that you are respecting your relationship and partner that why you are reading this article. I generally like this kind of people who never give – up on their relationship.

Reason behind my personal like on you is ” you already knows that changing the partner doesn’t means that you get better partner.

Every person lives in different types of environment and they grow in different its natural that their thought and your thought not same each time but it should be okay.

Those who understand that what im saying than below are the tips to get your bond stronger ,so that you and your partner enjoy your life fully.

  • Find something you appreciate about your partner every day ,
  • Tell your partner often why you love them
  • Always keep smile on your face when you just wake up in the morning and before going to bed.
  • Appreciate them on their work, it will increase positivity in your relationship and work as well. ( Killing two birds with one stone )
  • Be a team,no matter what
  • Every sunday , Play a game In which you are in a same team and without each other support you cant win, Never stop having fun,
  • Greet each other when you come home,
  • Always listen first before speak ,It improve your communication and understanding .
  • Play the music which you both love to listen.
  • Suprise them, not just on birthday Unique and Personlised gift are available Gifting someone remind them that they are special
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