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Infinity Box


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This infinity / explosion box is super classy and elegant meant for all the perfectionists out there! It would match the level of their nature and therefore would make a perfect present for them. Details: When closed the Infinity Box looks like a gift box measuring 4*4*4 inches. When opened the Infinity box looks like a Greeting Card measuring 32*12 inches. It has a beautiful black glittery lid with 2 imported flowers on the top. Roll the box towards your right to open. Each layer has 3 sections. 1st layer has 2 Designer Waterfall Cards and a Beautiful Window Die Cut at the centre. 2nd layer has 2 Window Die Crafts and a Ladder Card at the centre. 3rd layer has 2 Heart Envelop Crafts and a Circular Die Cut at the centre. 4th layer has 2 Beautiful Heart Shaped Die Cuts and a Zig Zag Card at the centre. 5th layer has 2 Multi Flap Cards and a Circular Die Cut at the centre. 6th layer has 2 Beautiful Love Jar Die Cuts and a Napkin Fold Card at the centre. 7th layer has 2 Flap Cards and a Circular Die Cut at the centre. 8th layer has 2 Beautiful Butterfly Die Cuts and a Ladder Card at the centre. The outer presentation of the box is as follows: All sides are covered by our special pattern paper (Beige coloured). This greeting card is super classy. The lid of the box is the special highlight as it???s pure black glittered along with 2 flowers at the top. It can accommodate upto 70 photos. The craft includes: Ladder Cards, Waterfall Cards, Square Die Cut, Window Die Cut, Big Square Die Cut, Circular Die Cuts, Zig Zag Fold Card, Napkin Fold Card, Flap Cards, Multi Flap Cards, Heart Cut dies. Photo dimensions for the box are 2*2 inches (22 pics), 3*3 inches (46 pics). If you wish to write messages, you can decrease the number of pics and use the space for writing messages.

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